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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Muskegon Fishing Report 02/06/09

"They are fishing Cottage Grove, cCipper and behind the paper mill for perch in 40 to 70ft of water. It has been a hit or miss season but I have been hearing of some nice catches when you do get into them. Ice ranges from 4 to 8 inches out there. You need to figure out what they want and go from there.

Also need to use caution goin out further the shipping channel was wide open after the warm weather we had. I have been fishing Fishermans landing for the last few trips out did ok on pike on Monday and it was slow for me on Wednesday saw a lot of flags and fish caught by other people, ice was 3 to 6 inches. Cant get out to deeper water yet the east side of the lake was open water last week.

They have been fishing Snug since first ice and haven’t heard to much about it except for gills. They have been fishing Hartshorn for pike and doing ok some days. Sand Docks is not safe nobody is fishing it. I went to 2nd street yesterday and got out but it wasn’t safe once you walked off the path others have made, ice was 1 to 4 inches. Ice is just starting to get better on the rest of the lake so we will be able to get out and try different spots soon enough."

Report by Cliff Shaut

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